13 top picks from the New Look AW16 press day 

Another day, another AW16 press day – this time everyone’s fave for a bargain: New Look.

Apart from the most amazing breakfast canapé ever (teeny tiny Eggs Benedict) these are the other bits and pieces that caught my eye…

1. Dusky pink coat 

For ultimate nonchalance, I’ll be wearing this with my (p)leather trousers and a grey jumper.

2. Embroidered black dress 

From what I’ve seen so far, you’ll be NO ONE this winter if you’re not wearing something black emblazoned with colourful florals. You have been warned.

3. Black bag with gold stars 

I haven’t really worn star-print since I was about 21, but I feel like this black and gold bag could turn me. 

4. Silver shoes

We all know New Look shoes are the actual bomb, and I feel like these silver ones fall the right side of that tricky glamorous granny/fugly frump divide. Need. 

5. Metallic stripe sweater 

Glittery knits were BIG at the New Look press day (see below) and I’m enjoying the thought of this stripy one teamed with a sassy pencil skirt (really, is there any other kind?)

6. Cleopatra-worthy earrings 

I’m kinda known for my Pat Butcher-esque approach to costume jewellery so these are obviously going in my imaginary shopping basket. 

7. Chic grey coat 

For quite a while now I’ve wanted to be the type of girl who wears a coat like this because, as we all know, she’s cool. Although I feel like I need to perfect the dream ‘just thrown this up into a casual bun’ hair first. 

8. Silver witch shoes 

One of the benefits of having incredibly weird shaped feet is that cool and creepy shoes like these beauties actually fit me perfectly. WIN. 

9. More metallic knits 

Sparkly jumper of joy alert! And proof that the polo neck is going to be hanging around for another winter…

10. Embroidered bomber 

Where Mary Berry goes first, we all follow – at least that’s what I must assume from the amount of elaborate bombers I’ve seen popping up in AW16 shows. Tbh I don’t think I can pull this off, but I love the attitude. There’s also a denim option: 

11. Camo backpack 

Utterly ridiculous. I love it. 

12. Pleated silver skirt 

Another trend that’s going to hang around is the pleated skirt. Hooray if you’ve already got one then, if not, how about this little fella? SO shiny.

13. Leopard print coat 

Going to press shows and perving on leopard print coats is basically my job, and here is my latest love. Mmm, leopardy… 

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