10 reasons girls’ holidays are the best 

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and last weekend I got to go there with some of my best mates in the world (#SoBlessed etc).

When I got back lots of people asked what occasion we’d been celebrating, which I found odd – don’t lots of people swan off with their girlfriends for the weekend just ‘because’?!

After all, while trips with partners or family can be fun, there’s nothing quite like a girly holiday. So here are the reasons why I NEVER need an excuse to go away with my laydeez…

1. No one will tell you off for needing the toilet once an hour. You know how city breaks with guys involve them frequently saying ‘You need to wee AGAIN?’… That will never happen on a girls holiday. In fact, you just accept that you are permanently on the lookout for potential loos, given that at least two people will need it at any one time.

2. Drinking in the sunshine. No woman is ever happier than when she’s sitting on a sunny terrace, glass of booze in hand, putting the world to rights at an ever increasing volume. This possibly explains the toilet sitch above.

3. Sharing rooms. The adult equivalent of all those girly sleepovers you had as kids, except with less Truth or Dare and more discussing how you probably didn’t need that last bottle of Prosecco.

Our actual AirBnB!

4. The ‘squatting down in the middle of a piazza crying with laughter’ moments. The light-hearted mood of a girly holiday, coupled with all the comedic potential of being in a totally unknown environment, means there will always be at least one moment where you laugh until you genuinely need a gin and a lie down.

5. No one wangs on about their diet. Too much of women’s lives is spent thinking about what they should or shouldn’t eat, or hearing about what everyone else is or isn’t eating, so indulging in a collective ‘screw that’ moment is awesome. Question: Shall we get dessert? Yes, we bloody well shall.

More-zerella. Always.

6. Girls understand the difference between getting ‘ready’ and ‘ready ready’. You can say nonsensical things like ‘So are we doing faces today?’ to your girlfriends and they’ll instantly get what you mean.
7. If you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten lip balm/sun cream/brown eyeshadow someone else will have it. Although there will be a collective panic when you realise that everyone expected someone else to bring the hairdryer and straighteners, and therefore no one has.

8. It’s a bit like old times. Many of us meet our best friends at school or uni, where you spend half your lives in each other’s pockets. Then work, boyfriends and living more than a stone’s throw apart get in the way. Although I still see my friends at least once a week, I miss climbing into each other’s beds after a night out for a gossip or munching our morning cereal together. God I loved the old times *sob*

9. It forces you to relax. The more people who are on your holiday, the more you have to accept that you can’t have your own way and need to go with the flow. As someone who has literally never been described as ‘laidback’ in my whole existence, it’s quite nice to be forced into ditch my hour-by-hour life plan for a while.

10. Reaching a new level of ridiculousness. It’s a well known fact that girls en masse can reach higher levels of ridic than girls alone – hence why we ended up bombing round the park in this weird rickshaw contraption…

Need I say more?


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  1. 24th May 2016 / 10:58 am

    Girls holidays are indeed the best! The only problem is if the boyfriends think it’s a good idea to book a boys holiday at the same time. They can’t be trusted together not to injure themselves or end up banged up!

    • 24th May 2016 / 12:05 pm

      Haha thanks, my policy with boys holidays is always ‘I’d rather not know’;) x

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