Cheeky summer nail collection review

I find painting my nails an endless source of frustration, which is why I very rarely wear nail polish on my hands.

No matter how long I spend on base coats, top coats and clever application techniques, I always find that at the end of the performance (which also includes 30 minutes of having to sit perfectly still and not drink tea/play with my phone/do up the fly of my jeans for fear of smudging the damn things) they still chip within 24 hours.

Sometimes I almost feel as if my nails actually repel nail varnish – why do some people have these perfect little manis that last a week while mine looks like a complete mess two days later?!

Cheeky nails summer collection Hollywood review Stiletto La La Land Pink Perfect Bloody Mary Pink Fizz
However, I’m nothing if not optimistic, so when I was sent the new Cheeky summer nail collection I decided to give the products a whirl, if only because I adore the colours (I’ve written before about how I only wear brown eyeshadow, and my taste for nail paint is similarly traditional – red, pink, orange if I’m feeling cray cray).

The range, which launches today, is inspired by Los Angeles. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to L.A., but I have to say my main memories of the city, colour-wise, are blue (sky, sea), white (building upon building stretching out forever) and grey (endless, ENDLESS roads and motorways). However, I’m willing to accept that at aged 15 and on a family holiday, I wasn’t really experiencing the Hollywood glamour side of things, which is what inspired these shades.

Cheeky nails summer collection Hollywood review Stiletto La La Land Pink Perfect Bloody Mary Pink Fizz
From left to right: Stiletto, Peach Perfect, La La Land, Bloody Mary, Pink Fizz. 

As you can see the colours (which, according to the press release, ‘perfectly capture the kitsch glitz of La La Land’) are all very vibrant and perfect for summer, my fave being the orange-red Stiletto.

One thing I really rate is that the polish provides solid, dense colour with one coat – I can’t be dealing with products where you need to keep painting hundreds of layers until your nails are four times as thick just to get good coverage.

Obvs it’s what’s on the inside that counts in EVERY aspect of life (except butlers in the buff), but I also love the packaging – if you’ve ever been to one of Cheeky’s nail salons on London you’ll know it fits right in with their bold, fresh vibe.

But the most impressive thing for me though is that the polish ACTUALLY STAYED ON MY NAILS. To the point where I was going round at work like ‘Can you BELIEVE this?’ to my long-suffering colleagues. I didn’t get the standard 24-hour chip; in fact, even two days later the nail polish was still intact, which for me is something of a minor miracle.

Cheeky nails summer collection Hollywood review Stiletto La La Land Pink Perfect Bloody Mary Pink Fizz
Could this be the end of my ‘bare nail chic’, also known as ‘I can’t be arsed to paint my nails if it’s just gonna chip off in 5 seconds’? Quite possibly. And, because I have the opposite regime with my toes, i.e. I actually freak out at the sight of them naked because they are PERMANENTLY polished, these colours will be living on my feet this summer.

Thanks Cheeky, I’m impressed!

Cheeky nail polishes 3 for £10, website here.


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