Should you try?… ‘The Frown’ facial 

What is it? Targeting those much hated frown lines around the eyes and forehead, this 45-minute treatment promises to mimic the affect of Botox, plumping and hydrating the skin.

Where I tried it: Sorbet Salon in Crouch End (there is also one in Muswell Hill).

My experience: I mean first of all can we talk a out how nice Crouch End is? Lovely high street, although I Zoopla’d it and unfortunately the only way I’ll be affording a house there is if I find an 90-year-old millionaire to marry. Sorbet Salon is a bright, welcoming shop on the main road, with a reception area full of Dermalogica and Environ products – treatments from both brands are also on offer here.

On arrival, I sat down to fill in a questionnaire about my skin complaints/allergies/any medical procedures, before being led through to one of the nice, clean treatment rooms at the back. The facial, my therapist told me, was split into several parts: first a deep cleanse, then a section where a metal probe passes sound waves through your skin to help the penetration of the vitamin-rich serums applied to the skin, and finally a mask, which has an electric current passed through it, again to increase the penetration of the serum.

Unfortunately, the last part of the treatment wasn’t an option for me as I’d ticked ‘yes’ to the question ‘Do you have any metal plates in your face?’ (after having both my jaws broken, an X-ray of my lower face basically looks like an advertisement for ScrewFix). The therapist and I both agreed that passing an electrical current through my Robo-face was officially A Bad Idea.

However, I was still optimistic that I’d see good results from the treatment, especially as I now have faint frown lines and crows’ feet that don’t disappear when I relax my face (true story: on Friday night I walked into a bar behind a girl the same age as me, I saw she got ID’d so I got my driving licence out, the bouncer was like “Nah love you’re fine”. Sob.)

The cleansing section of the facial was all fine and dandy, despite the fact I’d been a complete pain in the balls and put on waterproof mascara which refused to budge for a while. Way to make your therapist hate you.

Next up, the sound waves. This was a truly weird experience – it’s basically like having a very high-pitched sound shooting from your forehead right through your brain, which made my jump out of my skin when the therapist first touched the probe onto my face. You do quickly get used to it, although I only really calmed down when the therapist patiently assured me that no, my brains weren’t being scrambled and yes, this was going to make my forehead lines look much smoother.

If that wasn’t odd enough, next was the mask. Firstly, several intense serums were put over my face – one on the chin especially targeted at clearing up breakouts, another to deliver vitamins to my crinkly forehead – and then the mask was applied. At the beginning I’d been asked if I minded a mask over my eyes and mouth, and thinking this must mean some kind of fabric mask, I said no. Well, it turns out it’s actually a gooey liquid mask that oozes onto your face and then turns solid – quite a freaky experience. I could just about cope with having my eyes sealed shut but drew the line at the mouth – I think if you look at the picture below you’ll understand why.

Normally at this stage, electrodes would be attached to the mask to send a current through it, but because I wasn’t having that, I got a lovely shoulder massage instead – a win-win, really.

After 10 minutes, the mask is peeled off. My therapist told me that occasionally people have asked to take the freaky impression of their face home, which I found kinda amusing and alarming at once. Would you really want this in your house?

The treatment was rounded off with a moisturiser and SPF being applied to my face, which was great given that it was a blazing hot day outside, and then I was left to get ready/check myself out in the mirror.

It must be said that, without the electric current bit, I probably don’t show the results as much as most people who have this treatment. However, I did notice a definite improvement in the lines on my forehead: they are less deep and the skin overall looks more healthy and plumped.

Should you try it? At £85 per treatment, ‘The Frown’ facial is certainly not cheap, but if you’re particularly concerned about your forehead area, I’d recommend doing it the day before an event where you want to look particularly line-free! Plus you get to swan around Crouch End, which I thoroughly recommend.



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