Fitness class review: Calm By Candlelight Restorative Yoga, Virgin Active

What is it?
Calm by Candlelight is a new restorative yoga class set to launch into Virgin Active in February 2017, when the fitness chain will completely revamp its yoga programme. The idea is to become more of a ‘health club’, looking at mental and emotional wellbeing as well as giving people buff bods, so the class is all about unwinding and de-stressing – something I’m sure we can all get on board with!

 virgin active calm by candlelight

The Calm By Candlelight room – LOTS of equipment!

My experience:

I arrived at the yoga class frazzled from a hectic day, so the sight of a quiet, candlelit studio lined with mats, cushions and blankets was a welcome one. However, if you’re expecting sun salutations and downward dogs, you should know: this is completely unlike any yoga class I’ve tried before.

The session was led by international yoga guru Patrick Beach, who has helped design Virgin Active’s new programme.  At the beginning, he said ‘you might be holding each pose a little longer than you’re used to’, but I anticipated an extra 30 seconds, not holding poses for five minutes or so each.

And the poses themselves are different. Although I was familiar with postures such as the pigeon or the dragon, in this class you incorporate extra equipment (mainly big cylindrical pillows, which are my new fave thing) into the move, helping you relax into the pose and hold it for much longer.

virgin active calm by candlelight

Not really acceptable to take a selfie at yoga but it happened…

Staying in position like this is simultaneously calming – forcing you into a sleep-like stillness – and helps you very gradually push into a deeper stretch. For example, in one exercise we were lying on our backs and stretching out our hamstrings using a strap round the foot. Normally I find this agony and can feel my whole leg spasming in protest, but a longer session meant I could eventually let the leg relax and stretch much further than normal, giving my poor running muscles the relief they deserve.

And that’s the crux of this class to me. It’s not really a ‘fitness’ session – you couldn’t treat yourself to a Big Mac as a reward – but its a complement to fitness; the big stretching session that you keep promising yourself you’ll get round to but never find the time for at home. Shutting yourself in a room and being slowly guided through the stretches means you just HAVE to do them, and the feeling afterwards is lovely – like you’ve rediscovered muscles you never knew you had, and spent a good chunk of time focusing on your body rather than forcing it to do stressful things!

virgin active calm by candlelight

Fitness level:

Anyone could do this class – the moves can be adapted if you’re lacking in flexibility or particularly tight in one area. However, it’s actually the super-fit people – those who exercise all the time – that I think would benefit the most from this session, as that coiled spring of a body will be completely relaxed and rejuvenated by the session.

I burnt: 

Well hardly anything, but that’s so far from being the point it doesn’t matter!

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