11 amazing things about being a female runner

I feel like my last post about women’s running was a wee bit negative (soz), so decided to rectify that with a post all about how being a girl who runs is actually the best thing ever.

Here are the reasons I love it so much…

1. Being your own boss.

Running is very much a ‘me, myself and I’ activity. Put it this way: no one would care if you didn’t go for that morning jog, so it’s basically your own job to motivate, monitor and push yourself – you’re very much your own boss. This is seriously freeing if you normally live a life that is constantly dictated by the needs and demands of others.

2. Bonding with other runners

While the decision to run is normally a solo one, once you start, you’ll bond with other people who share your new nerdy lingo of hill reps, splits and foam rollers. If you try and speak to your non-runner mates about this they’re like ‘END THIS MADNESS!’, but whether it’s on social media or at a running club, you’ll find people who share your interests.

3. Buying loads of running stash

Where once you would’ve rather died  than stepped out in fluoro print leggings, now you have a vast collection of garish sportswear, which is almost constantly going through the wash (one of the few downsides of running!)

4. Eating ALL the food

Picture the scenario: you meet your friends for lunch after a 10-mile run, they all start discussing which salad they’re going to order (‘I really need to be good’ etc etc). You, on the other hand, know you’ve already burnt off a whopping 1,000 calories that day, and will proudly be eating the cheesiest thing on the menu, because gurrrl, you’ve EARNED it.

5. Having usually busy places all to yourself

There is something really magical about jogging round Battersea Park at 7am and discovering you have the paths, which are normally swarming, as your own private running track. After all, there has to be some benefit to those early morning winter runs!

6. Looking gross and not caring

This might sound like a weird benefit, but who doesn’t love the fact that when you run, your appearance is the absolute bottom of the priority list. Yes, I have sweaty hair, and that be a tiny bit of dribble on my T-shirt, and WHAT?

7. Enjoying the sense of achievement

Whether it’s running a marathon, or simply knowing that you dragged yourself out to do a 3 miler when you REALLY couldn’t be arsed, the sense of achievement following a run is unbeatable. Like walking on clouds and being Beyonce all rolled into one.

8. Understanding you’re not ‘crap at sport’

Remember how at school you were labelled rubbish at P.E. and believed it just because you never actually learnt the rules of netball? Well pull on a pair of trainers several decades later and suddenly -voila!- you are quite literally doing some sport. And smashing it.

9. Not thinking

Stress-y and anxious types (oh hi there!) will love running because you don’t have time to panic about that shady comment someone made in the office when you’re chuffing along up a massive hill. Getting outdoors is great for your mental wellbeing, as is focusing on your physical side rather than your emosh one.

10. Over-taking men

There is nothing – NOTHING – quite as glorious as whizzing past a man who is also out running. Unless he’s like 80 years old.

11. Cake

I feel like this deserves its own special mention, because really, what is running for if it’s not to deserve cake?


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