Refuel: The Aviary, London restaurant review

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop
I bloody love a rooftop bar and restaurant, so when I heard about the launch of The Aviary in Finsbury Square, I decided to go along and check out the view (and food, of course!)

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop
I went on a Sunday, which is always a weird time of the week to hang out in this part of the City –  I get a bit freaked out by the fact that even the Pret A Mangers are shut (say wuuut?!)

However, The Aviary, located on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel, has a nice welcoming, cosy feel, with glamorous gold and cream interiors, plush seats and a glistening bar at the centre of the restaurant.

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop
The terrace is also pretty special – although we were there on a freezing cold day, I can just imagine how glorious it would be sitting there enjoying cocktails with friends on a Summer’s evening.

As for the food, I was definitely impressed. The number of veggie options wasn’t vast but the food was delicious; I went for the Ricotta Gnocchi with squash, turnips, salsify and sprout leaves, which combined the most wonderful flavours with a satisfying stodginess (although, being greedy, I could’ve done with a bit more!)

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop vegetarian
Sam, my boyfriend(well fiance, but I can’t get used to saying that), went for the Sirloin Steak, which, according to the menu came from a ‘retired dairy cow’. Being a vegetarian this obviously made me a bit mournful for the poor cow who spent a life being milked only to end up on Sam’s dinner plate, but he assured me that the GINORMOUS steak was very good indeed.

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop
Oh and after nicking all his triple cooked chips I can confirm they were scrumptious as well.

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop
We ended our meal with dessert – sticky toffee pudding for me (perfectly good) and After Eight arctic roll for Sam. The latter is definitely worth a try, especially if like me you’ve always dismissed arctic roll as a bit crap; not so with this gorgeous pud, which I can foresee will be a bit of a signature dish for this place.

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop after eight arctic roll
The staff were very nice – hardly surprising given it was the restaurant’s first week open – and the atmosphere was  peaceful, which may also have something to do with the fact not many people know about this restaurant yet.

The Aviary restaurant London rooftop
I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a whole lot busier on weekends going forward, particularly when they start offering roasts. If you’re looking for lunch or dinner with a view, then definitely swoop on in to The Aviary.

More info on The Aviary here.

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