Primark spring/summer sportswear review

sports wear primark spring summer 2017
I’m going to be honest, I normally associate Primark with cheap knickers, Christmas jumpers and colourful crossbody bags, not fitness gear.

However, the retailer has brought out its own sports line for spring, and as someone who can’t really afford to splash out 90 quid on a pair of Sweaty Betty leggings on the regular, I was excited to try it out.

The range comprises of a number of designs, some more practical than others, including leggings, tops, jackets, sports bras and trainers.

Here’s what I thought of Primark’s offering…


The Primark leggings are great – I love the patterned grey pair, below, and the more subtle, mesh-kneed leggings (£8) too.

primark sports leggings

I was impressed with the fit and comfort; much better than a pair of Peacocks leggings I tried recently which actually saw me run out of an aerobics class to change because they were falling down and exposing my arse to the poor ladies behind me.

primark mesh sports leggings

The are obviously not made from any fancy sweat-wicking fabric, but for a pair of basic leggings the Primark options are a good shout (I’ve worn them multiple times and still no holes, which is always a fear with Primarni).

The only ones I couldn’t really get on board with are these side-tie numbers (£7), which just seemed a bit too faffy for something as practical as a workout.

primark ballet leggings


My favourite of the Primark tops was definitely this pale pink number (£6), mainly because it magically makes my stomach look way more toned and my boobs  bigger than they are (dear fitness brands, this is really all it takes to win my loyalty).

primark sports top

Beside these rather shallow points, it’s a good top for sweaty types like moi because of it’s super thin fabric.

I wasn’t so keen on some of the other tops they sent me, but mainly because I’m not cool enough to carry off crop tops or baggy drawstring vests.

primark sportswear summer 2017

I can tell that all that’s going through my head in this picture is “WHY IS MY STOMACH OUT?”.


Looooooool. I think this picture says it all.

primark sportswear spring 2017

Good if you’re 19, not sure about 29. I’m no Kylie Jenner.


I got a couple of jackets to try out, starting at the quite frankly ridiculous price of £12.

This silver number is totally perfect to wear on the way to the gym, or for moderate exercise, and has a handy hood and pockets.

running jacket primark

However, for serious outdoor training, I think jackets are one item you really do have to invest in (whereas I’d argue you can get away with cheaper vests/leggings OOOH CONTROVERSIAL).

Basically, this  – and the other cute pink jacket, below – are nice, but not designed for ya marathon training.

primark sports jacket

Sports bras

No I’m not gonna post a picture of me rocking the Primark bras, but the retailer has quite a few available, starting at £5 a pop.


Personally, I found the support they gave perfectly adequate, but I have to qualify that statement with the fact I’m not big-boobed, and therefore don’t rely too much on a hard-working sports bra.


They’re also not particularly thick, so if you’re relying the bra for, ahem, coverage, then bargain bras might not be for you.

However, if you find yourself at the office having forgotten your sports bra and need to grab one for the evening gym sesh, I recommend giving Primark a try…




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