Fitness class review: FRAME Spice Girls dance workshop

What is it?

You’ve probably heard of FRAME – with studios in Shoreditch, King’s Cross, Victoria and Hammersmith to name but a few, the fitness chain is taking over London, and bringing with it a unique line of quirky classes, from 80s Aerobics to Ass and Abs.

The class that caught my eye, however, was the Spice Girls workshop. I mean obviously – I was a child of the 90s, so anything involving the world’s best girl group was always going to appeal (FRAME definitely knows how to appeal to the millennial woman).

At £25, it’s not cheap, but I decided to sign up to the two-hour session with a mate who was equally keen to unleash her inner Geri one Bank Holiday Monday.

My experience:

It can basically be summed up like this – positives: the class was really fun, negatives: I realised that I am a terrible dancer.

Actually I kind of already knew the latter. Although I love dancing on a night out when I can just freestyle with a glass of wine or six, once I have to follow an actual choreographed routine I’m hopeless. I discovered this on my hen do, when I played the part Beyonce in my own music video (diva WHO?) but going to FRAME’s workshop only confirmed my complete lack of skill when it comes to learning and remembering a set dance routine.

The class started with a warm-up to the dulcet tones of Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Sporty, before we ‘broke the ice’ by strutting one-by-one across the room using our best Spice Girls moves. Sounds terrifying I know, but once you’re in the room with a bunch of similarly over-excited 29-year-old women it would seem weird not to do an individual runway walk by means of introduction.

Then we started learning the actual routine to the classic tune, Stop. Our instructor, who I have no doubt is a normally professional dancer and can’t believe the hilarity of bunch of dweebs gyrating around thinking they look like popstars, was nevertheless very friendly and patient, offering to repeat any sections we didn’t understand (umm, all of it please).

After learning each section bit by bit, with a tonne of repetition, we were divided up to ‘perform’ our learnings back to the class. My group consisted solely of me and my mate Rosie, who managed to get lost about five seconds in and basically spent the rest of the ‘performance’ doing what we do best: freestyling like a pair of goddamn queens.

I realise I’m making the whole thing sound like a bit of an ordeal but the whole point is it was LOADS of fun and no pressure to actually be good, which is lucky considering we basically recreated the dancefloor seduction scene from the Inbetweeners movie.

Fitness level: Any

I burnt: A quite frankly STAGGERING 750 calories, even though I was enjoying it so much I barely noticed I was exercising. Now that’s a win.

More info here.

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