Fitness class review: Base Flow at FLY LDN

fly ldn base flow review

What is it?

Fly LDN is a yoga fitness studio in the City, offering a variety of classes from Barre to a 75-minute yoga flow session. Base Flow is a yoga class targeted at beginners, a category I would definitely still put myself in despite having done yoga quite a few times over the years. It promises to teach the basics of a yoga flow to those just starting out, or returning to the mat after some time.

My experience:

If there’s one place in London that 100% requires the soothing benefits of yoga, it’s the City. When I arrived at Bank station at 7am, it was already a hive of activity, with stressed out suits marching around and no patience for my CityMapper dilly-dallying on the pavement.

With that in mind, I imagine FLY LDN will be popular. A sleek fitness studio just off Leadenhall Street, it offers a range of yoga and low impact fitness classes, well-appointed changing rooms and swanky Monmouth coffee. The atmosphere inside is in stark contrast to the mayhem externally – pale grey walls and minimalist decor give this place a definite zen vibe.

I tried the Base Flow on a Friday morning after a seriously busy week, and when I walked in I was so tense I basically resembled a crumbling V&A statue rather than an actual human. I hadn’t done any yoga for months, and my body definitely needed it.

base flow fly ldn yoga studio

We started off sitting with our eyes closed, while the instructor gave us some positive affirmations to take into the day. As the world’s biggest cynic, it’s not often I find my brain able to get on board with this stuff, but there was something so soothing about finding myself in a dark, quiet studio at the end of a frantic week that I actually got caught up with her words: yes, I do need to breathe out all the tension and negative energy!

When I opened my eyes, I discovered that the whole wall behind the instructor had transformed into a screen, showing images of soothing scenes: mountains, beaches, lakes – basically anything but crowded London streets.

We started on our first Flow, working through sun salutations, planks and downward dogs to the calming sounds of a specially-curated playlist. One thing I really appreciated was the effort put in to teach us beginners how to do certain movements, such as the chaturanga, which I have always really struggled with having never been properly taught (most yoga places seem to assume you have this down from the offset).

Using blocks placed under our chest, the instructor showed us to lower ourselves down halfway, before using a forward movement to push the block over. We also practiced the Crow in a way I haven’t been shown before, tipping ourselves off the blocks onto our hands, with varying levels of success.

There were lots of great stretches throughout the class, particularly as we moved around the warrior poses.

fly ldn yoga class

Overall I felt like the class was challenging enough while also being inclusive to yoga newbies. For example while some of the poses were tricky to hold, few were impossible to get into in the first place. Even better, by the end I felt stretched out and mellowed, which was definitely helped by the final shavasana, complete with one of those lovely forehead rubs (does anyone else feel like they seriously miss out when they don’t do one of those?!)

If you’re stressed in the City, I definitely recommend getting yourself down to this class.

Fitness level:

This is a fabulous class for beginners/people who have only done yoga intermittently, as you’re taught how to do basic moves but also challenged enough to feel like you’ve achieved something.

I burnt:

200 calories

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