at your beat dance class review

What is it?

Fancy yourself as Beyonce’s next backing dancer? Over the course of 1.5 hours, the At Your Beat workshop allows you to learn a choreographed dance routine to some of your favourite artists’ songs, including the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna and Little Mix.

My experience:

Deep down inside all of us is the belief that maybe, just maybe, we’re supremely talented dancers and just haven’t discovered it yet. After all, you think, I can bust a move in da club, so surely with a bit of choreography I’ll basically be Beyonce?

Ready to discover my inner street dance expert, I rocked up to the Drunk In Love – 7/11 – Run The World dance workshop in Elephant & Castle with my friend Rosie, both of us assuming that this would be our jam purely because a) we love Beyonce and b) we strut around like we own the dancefloor on nights out.

I quickly discovered that the main reason I think I’m a fab dancer on nights out is because I can’t actually see myself in the mirror. As the warm-up for our class kicked in, and I saw the reality of my dancing ‘skills’ in the studio mirror, I turned to Rosie and suggested I might be too tall for sexy dancing. ‘I’m very long’ I hissed, while trying to move my gangly limbs in an alluring way.

Clearly the instructor CJ thought we were all a bit uptight too, as she announced that to ‘loosen up’ we would be walking across the studio in pairs doing our best sassy Beyonce impressions for everyone. I kid you not folks.

Luckily, Rosie and I are old and weird enough that things like this don’t embarrass us too much any more, even if our ‘sexy’ walk was a bit more Mr Bean than Queen Bey. And everyone was very supportive and encouraging, particularly of the pairs who decided to crawl around booty-shaking in the air.

Then it was time to get down to the serious choreography; lots of sassy hip rotations, flicking our hair around and complicated footwork. It’s not often you get told to ‘TOUCH YOURSELF LIKE BEYONCE’ but I certainly enjoyed it.

We started off learning each step slowly without the music, then gradually built up the dance. There was definitely a wide range of skill levels in the class, but I felt like the pace of teaching kept the right balance between being too boring for the good people, and too hard for the spatially-challenged (hi there).

After an hour and a half learning the routine, it was time to watch groups performing the dance with full backing track playing. Unfortunately, Rosie and I made the fatal error of choosing the ONE group where absolutely no one knew the dance, which led to a hilarious few minutes as we threw ourselves round the dancefloor, Miranda Hart-style, while everyone applauded politely. Bless their hearts.

However, if you want to get an idea of how well some people managed to learn it, here’s a snippet…

​Good huh? And although I was crap, I certainly enjoyed the workshop, which is one of the more fun ways to get a sweat on on a Saturday afternoon. This is one to go along to with your girlfriends and have a laugh without taking yourself too seriously!

Fitness level:

Any fitness level – this class was really inclusive and there was a lovely feeling of supportiveness between everyone.

I burnt:

200 calories (probably half of which through laughing).

Workshops cost £20. More info here.